OKR Examples for a Digital Marketing Agency

OKR Examples for a Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is all about networking with people. Today we have to connect with people where they usually spend time: The Internet.

Digital marketing is a continually growing industry: new tools, ever-changing algorithms, and the constant pressure of maintaining the traffic is raising the stress levels for Digital Marketers.

To make people’s thumb stop at your website, gaining their loyalty is a challenging task in the current competitive scenario.

To have an established presence in a fast-paced and unrelenting industry, you should chase quality goals.

No matter whichever industry you’re in, with the pressure of work, sometimes you forget who’s accountable for what. Worst case scenario, you don’t even know that there are many people involved in a simple task.

To streamline your marketing goals, you need to follow a management framework which communicates about your goals to your entire team. Using OKR, you can have a strategic approach towards your goals to improve your team’s productivity, accountability, alignment, and focus.

Content team, SEO researchers, Graphic designers, Social Media team, everyone has a different part in dealing with the broad spectrum of the Digital Marketing.

Every organization has a different set of OKRs to define their growth and to make things simple for you we have created specific OKRs for your teams.

Digital Marketing OKR Examples

OKR Example for Agency

Objective:  Increase brand recognition by the end of 2019

KR1: Organize a conclave on marketing with 10 renowned speakers
KR2: Sign 5 new clients every month
KR3: Get 20 features in leading digital marketing magazines

Explanation: This objective is set up for the entire agency. Hence the time-frame here is comparatively longer. It indicates that the agency is seeking recognition in the industry, which justifies the prospects of the KRs listed.

The Conclave will involve many people who are advancing in this field, hence will impact on the marketing.

The second KR is indicating growth but also leads to recognition.

The last one is inclined towards introducing the brand in the Industry.

OKR Examples for SEO Team

Objective: Optimize website to rank for keyword X

KR 1: Land on the first search page of Google within a month
        KR 1.1: Optimize content with focus keyword X, Density: 10
        KR 1.2: Add 3 Compressed Images with Keyword in Alt text
KR 2: 50% of web traffic by organic visitors
KR 3: Get 5 backlinks from renowned websites in every 2 weeks

Explanation:  This Objective focuses on ranking for a specific keyword.

The last 2 KRs are clearly articulated towards the cause by getting backlinks and web traffic.

The first KR sounds ambiguous, so there are two sub-categories to define it.

The KR1.1 communicates the density of the keyword, while KR1.2 provides an alternative to optimize content.

Objective: Surpass competitor for Keyword Y

KR 1: Write 6 long-form blogs for keyword Y to rank on the first page
KR 2: Conduct 3 webinars to rank higher on Youtube for Keyword Y
KR 3: Create 2 Ebooks to gain credibility for Keyword Y

Explanation: Here, the keywords are aligned carefully with the objective. The objective is a visible action. Hence your KRs should be very specific.

Writing long-form blogs gives you leverage over keyword density.

The second KR is about a webinar, which again will boost your engagement with users.

E-books are an excellent way to form a content bunch which is informative and rich in the keywords you want to rank.

OKR Examples for Social Media Marketing

Objective: Increase reach of all social media platforms by Q3

KR1: 40% increase in the number of followers
KR2: 50% increase on impressions on Instagram
KR3: 3x engagement on every post

Explanation: Here, all the KRs are confining towards growth in comparison to the previous statistics.

Please make sure your employees have an insight into earlier figures so that they can work according to it. Otherwise, make your KRs as detailed as possible.

Objective: Boost engagement on social media

KR1: 50 comments on LinkedIn posts
KR2: 2x increase in blog reads via Facebook
KR3: 10k views on YouTube

Explanation: The objective has a broad spectrum in this OKR; engagement can be relevant to any Social Media Platform.

If you want your team to have a clear direction, make sure the objective is informative.

The KRs listed have three different platforms for the same brand. The second KR again is a comparison, the numbers need to be defined in a better manner.

Objective: Boost referrals via Social Media

KR1: 3x visitors via promoted posts
KR2: 20% demo schedule request via Social Media

Explanation: This OKR is inclining towards the referrals, via the ads on social media.

So the first KR is about gaining the visitor impression through the ads and promoted posts.

Various social media platforms have a CTA button which redirects the user to schedule a demo etc., which leads to an increase in web traffic.

OKR Examples for Content Marketing

Objective: Enhance the quality of future Blog Posts

KR1: 20% increase in blog subs
KR2: 40% clicks on inbound links.
KR3: List 2 primary keywords and 10 secondary keywords

Explanation: The KR here are a representation of significant aspects of blogs and are critically aligning with the SEO.

The last KR is a part of the objective mentioned above for SEO, so this shows that all the departments should be Interlinked in a way that inter-dependencies are visible in the entire company.

Objective: Improvise newsletter content

KR1: 20% potential conversions via newsletter
KR2: 3000 website visitors via newsletter CTA
KR3: Increase in newsletter click by 5%

Explanation: All the KRs listed here are engaging the users to visit the website.

It is a simple OKR focused on improvising the content while generating web traffic.

Objective: Promote content through Email Marketing content

KR1: 5X website visitors via Email click through
KR2: 20 new registrations for the webinar via Email
KR3: 10% increase in blogs via Email

Explanation: The objective here is an action, not a statement.

The KR promote aggressive growth via emails. Increase in blogs traffic, webinar, and website, all of it encourages engagement and helps in creating awareness of the brand at the same time.

This OKR is a precise fit of how all the actions in your agency are linked, and growth is interdependent.

These are a few set of Objective and Key Results for every aspect of your Digital Marketing Agency, make sure you take inspiration from them align it with your company goals.

Start making OKRs for your Digital Marketing Agency with OKR Board.